High Flow Flush and Rinse Carpet Cleaning Systems

high flow flush and rinse carpet cleaning san diegoHow many of us are sick and tired of dirty carpet?  You hire a carpet cleaning company to come out and steam clean it for you and when you reach down to touch it, it feels kind of sticky and full of residue.  There are a couple of different factors as to why this is but one of them in particular is not rinsing the carpet fibers thoroughly enough.  It’s like washing your hair and then not rinsing it enough or at all.  What is going to happen if you don’t rinse your hair enough?  It will dry sticky and attract dirt to it like a magnet!  It’s the same principle with carpet cleaning.  A carpet must be thoroughly flushed out and rinsed of all that exists in there and the only way to do this is through a high flow flush and rinse extraction system.

What Is This Type Of Carpet Cleaning Method?

So what is a high flow, flush, and rinse extraction system?  High flow flush and rinse is a system used to flush out and rinse completely all the dirt and grime particles your carpet tends to attract and hold, including a lot of odor.  You might think more water is being used since it says “high flow”, but in actuality no more if maybe less is being used since this system cleans much faster and deeper at the same time.  No time is being wasted on having to go back over the carpet 2 or 3 or even 4 or 5 times to get the carpet cleaned.  Best of all, considering the way high flow is set up, it enables carpet cleaners to leave the carpet they are cleaning a lot drier, as well as a lot softer and fluffier.  It ends up smelling a whole lot better too because carpet tends to hold on to odors like a sponge from dirt, grime, and our unique body odors.

Carpet Cleaning Providing Desirable Results.

Do you have little ones and pets laying and crawling around your carpeting and flooring spaces?  Our system is geared up to provide you with especially desirable results.  Would you want your kids and your family making contact with all of that filth as they’re hanging out and playing on the carpet that has the potential for your body to absorb the nastiness through your skin and then onto your organs?  We have enough environmental chemical factors already to be subjecting ourselves to extra challenges.  When I say nastiness I mean chemicals that were previously used to clean your carpet by other carpet cleaners, the grease, grime, bacteria that grows from bodily fluid spills, food spillages, things brought in from the outside environment…

The cleaning agents used, as well as all of the grime, grease, dirt, dust, pet dander, critters, and bacterial pathogens get thoroughly and completely rinsed and flushed when utilizing our high flow equipment.  As I stated before, if your carpet cleaner’s equipment has a significant amount of vacuum power, among other critical yet lesser known tools to compliment their equipment, your carpets are usually left dry enough to where they can truly dry in less than 1 day if not in a couple of hours, or even by the time we are done – completely!!  Imagine carpet that is so clean, dry and fluffy that it improves your indoor air quality and helps you breathe easier and sleep better at night!  Imagine those eye sores called “spots” not resurfacing because the carpet wasn’t left soaked to have to dry for up to a week!!  And, that’s actually the main reason why spots tent to reappear or resurface.  It’s because of too much liquid escaping the grasp of the cleaning technician.  The liquid saturation gets dragged down into the sub-layers of carpeting and then begins wicking back up to the top with all of the underlying dirt it made contact with at some point in the future.  It’s usually the near future but sometimes it could be as far out as 3 to 6 months.  You don’t want that!  You want to hire somebody competent enough to know what they are doing in not saturating your carpet with cleaning solution and water from their equipment that is supposed to be used to extract with.

High flow, thorough flush, and complete rinse steam extraction is definitely the way you want to go if you are looking for truly clean, sanitized, and dry carpets your children and pets can play around in without any fears of any chemical residues, bacteria, and a whole host of other factors that can be potentially hazardous to your health!

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Dry Carpet Cleaning & Low Moisture Encapsulation For Water Conservation

low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning san diegoWe should all be about helping to conserve water as eco friendly people.  That is the main reason why we offer an alternative approach for the green eco conscious called dry or low moisture carpet cleaning for your carpet cleaning needs.  As you may or may not already know, truck mounted steam or hot water extraction is the absolute best cleaning method you can possibly have for your carpet because it has the power to thoroughly flush and extract deeply embedded dirt, grime, pet dander, and allergens completely.  You also may or may not know that this particular cleaning method requires water to clean correctly.  But it is what Shaw Industries, the manufacturer of your carpet recommends to clean with in order not to void your carpet warranty.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning In San Diego

So what can we do to help conserve water?  I imagine we could just stop using water right??  That will never happen in today’s society, let’s face it!  We would never want to see a water crisis in the future, but depending on how bad it gets in some states of the U.S., we may very well see a long lasting drought.  If you live in California you know that has been a reality.  This state has called for water conservation because of a drought more than once.  They even went as far as to assign specific dates people were able and not able to water their properties on, because it got so bad.  So, for that in San Diego California we offer an alternative cleaning choice between our standard flush and rinse and our low moisture method.  With our low moisture cleaning this is where we use less water to clean your carpet with on the residential end.  We even offer an even lower moisture cleaning method reserved for the commercial office setting and that would be the “dry” cleaning method using a rotary machine.  This one is mostly used on commercial olefin carpet like you might have seen in office buildings or restaurants.  Both of these are great alternative cleaning methods but there would be less or no extraction and that means more dirt left behind.

Encapsulation For San Diego Commercial Properties

We are one of the only multi-method companies that can low moisture or dry clean your carpet correctly because of the equipment we use and our knowledge behind cleaning agents and their applications!  Encapsulation is the best way to go.  What is encapsulation?  Encapsulation is a method used to trap and form a bond between the cleaning agent and the dirt.  Simple, huh?  For example, an encapsulation technique is used to trap or form an outer coating surrounding dirt and grease, suspending it essentially until the next time you choose to run your regular dry vacuum.  Methods best used on commercial grade carpets best used are the ones outlined in this informative article.  These must be used for the highest quality outcome, especially when manufactured with different materials and made thinner and rugged for the industrial setting.

Low Moisture To Dry Carpet Cleaning

As for our low moisture carpet cleaning technique using our truck mount machine, an emulsifier is applied to your carpet in a way to where it is strong enough to loosen up grease and grime, but won’t saturate your carpet at all to allow the heavy liquid escape our grasp and make its way down into the sub-layers of carpeting which would be the backing, padding, and wood sub-flooring or concrete slab foundation.  Once that cleaning agent has had sufficient time to dwell and dissolve or loosen up the dirt, grease, and grime, we then perform a low moisture extraction process.  This technique generally does not tend to flush and rinse the dirt and grime and cleaners we used to clean your carpet with, because of the lower pressure and less output of water.  Amazingly carpets don’t tend to be left with unwanted filmy residue that tend to make for quicker re-soiling of carpets because of that.  The best way hands down for a carpet to be thoroughly and completely cleaned is with a proper flushing and rinsing to get rid of the contaminants and cleaners being used.  Our low moisture cleaning technique is however, an excellent alternative to high flow, flush, and rinse techniques when conscious about wasting the least amount of water possible.  Watch the video below for an example of dry commercial or encapsulation carpet cleaning.