Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning: The Method Of Choice In San Diego.

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning San Diego

Carpet Cleaning Zero Residue

Zero residue carpet cleaning is a highly desirable method of cleaning that has become popular and extremely sought after by our clients today and helps make for extremely fast drying believe it or not!  It’s one of the newest standards meaning if a company isn’t cleaning zero residue style, they are not cleaning at max potential!  But, so many carpet cleaners still refuse to learn the ways of amazing zero residue carpet cleaning in San Diego.  There are so many carpet cleaners here in this city and everyone should know how by now!

So, what is the process that doesn’t allow any soap cleaning residue to be left behind on the carpet afterwards?

Carpet Cleaning Zero ResidueAlso known as “no residue” and “residue free”, this process is somewhat involved and requires a carpet cleaner to have substantially powerful and upgraded equipment revolving around the latest technology so that it provides them with the max amount of extraction possible.  More importantly, it also requires the carpet cleaner to have a thorough knowledge behind cleaning procedures, what cleaning solutions they need to use, how strong they need to be, and how much to apply on the carpet in preparation for the cleaning process.

Carpets Cleaned Residue Free Without Soap?

A lot of times what many carpet cleaners or companies do is they don’t pre-condition or pre-treat the carpet.  Instead, they combine their soap solution with the very water they need to be rinsing and flushing your carpet with.  So in essence, they are cleaning your carpet with full on soapy water and not rinsing it with fresh softened water.  It is for this reason that carpet ends up the way it does, drying crunchy flaky and looking dirty, dark, and dingy still. It’s the soap attracting dirt to it that makes it get dirty fast.  They should have rinsed their soap cleaners out of your carpet but they didn’t because the knowledge and ethics are simply just not there.  Now, you’re walking around on filthy, nasty, chemical laced carpet that your body is absorbing through your skin, not to mention the rest of your family including pets!

I’m not bashing on anyone or any company but the short 30 to 45 minute long carpet cleaning sessions have everything to do with commissions and profits.  They pack you guys into their schedules like sardines so they can get as much money as quickly as possible, without any of the ethic, integrity, and honesty in mind that truly makes a company quality!  The quicker they clean your carpet, the longer it takes to dry, the dirtier it turns out and the less it truly gets cleaned.  That’s not the quality formula for client retention.

A Zero Res Clean Means Quality.

Quality is what we provide our customers and clients with at Precision Carpet Care and ethics are what fuels that. Rest assured, exceptional quality carpet cleaning is job one!  True screaming hot sanitizing truck mounted steam extraction at 240+ degrees that annihilates critters and pathogens living in your carpet, completely rinsed and thoroughly flushed of all soapy chemical residues that might still have been there from previous carpet cleaners, along with drying of carpets that are dry to the touch when we leave… you can’t beat that!  And, that means carpet simply stays cleaner longer!!  Visit us today and schedule an appointment if your in our area.


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